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What information we collect?: If user accept cookies and post any comment then we get information like the name of the user, contact information like phone number or email address only if user provide it in the comment.

How we use information of the user?: We just pass the information of the user through the security scan system so that the users don’t spam on the website. or some robot don’t spam. we keep information very safe.

Protection of Children's Privacy: Our website could be a general interest website, and that we don't wittingly collect any personal data from kids.

How long we keep the information?: some information is kept till the user is online, some information is kept till 24 hours and some information is kept till 7 days. this time duration depends on the type of information. like if the information is in the comment , it might be stored for the one year. as the comments will automatically be deleted after one year and hence the information of the user.

Can i ask for my information that is stored?: Yes you can ask us.

Links We have not reviewed all of the links in the website. therefore we have no responsibility of any outside link in the website. if you follow outside link, it is at your own risk.

Terms use of modifications We may revise the terms and conditions of use at any time without noticing. you are bound to agree the then terms and conditions of use at that time. footer

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